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Eye Massager

MRP Price : Rs. 1,000/-
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Scores of spikes pointing towards your eyes and forehead may seem weird. But these looking-like-spikes and actually bud-like to feel. And the wonderfully effective part lies at the end of these buds. There are smooth and small magnets at the tip of these soft-spikes' tip. The product is very easy and comfortable to use: you just need to strap it on your forehead. Its size is flexible and easy to fix on any head-size. The gentle, tingling sensation relieves you of any kind of headache including the scaring migraine.


Product Features
For Swollen or Baggy Eyes, Dark rings around the eyes.

For wrinkles around the corner of the eyes.

For difficulty in falling asleep.

Try this massager to soothe, de-stress, relax the crucial area of your eyes and feel the benefits all over.