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  • Deemark Slimming Massage Belt

Deemark Slimming Massage Belt

MRP Price : Rs. 5999/-
Online Discount : 50%
Deemark Price : Rs. 2999/-
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Deemark Slimming Massage Belt

First time in India sauna belt with digital controll. Now you can just select the time and power you require and forget it. Using this massage belt is a great way to help you burn your fats and lose weight faste. It easily helps you to sweat away unwanted fats, eliminate cellulites, lose weight faster and even eases muscles and back pain. You can easily enjoy the massage heat in the comfort of your own home.

Feature -
  Lose weight and ease muscle pain Best suited for abdomen, waist, back and hips
   Adjustable temperature to enhance metabolism.

  Helps flush out toxins. Portable and comfortable to use everywhere.