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  • Deemark Multi function Massager

Deemark Multi function Massager

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Deemark Multi function Brain Comfort Massager for Head Body & Face

Product Description
Acupoint kneading massage, relax channels and collaterals. Head scratching massage, promote skin facial beauty. Full body beating massage, relax body and brain thoroughly, and relieve srtess. Quick relieve the symptoms of headache or dizziness, it is free from side effect compared with the drug treatment. Accelerating circulation of blood, facial beauty, face lift and skin care. Even help with taking make - up off and the effect promote 90% than by hand. Relaxing channels and collaterals, relieving pain and fatigue effectively, the effect increase 500% than the common massager.

POWER: USB power cable
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Simply rest the Massager onto your body, then lightly press down to activate the soothing massage.

HOW TO OPERATE : Plug the USB cable connector into the Body Massager Plug the other end into a USB port on your PC, ensuring PC is switched ON.

Note : If you have any color choice, please mail us, otherwise random color will be ship as per the stock availability .