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    Deemark Ever Virgin
    Deemark Ever Virgin

Deemark Ever Virgin

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Deemark Ever virgin is a scientifically designed Product that helps in tightening the vagina and maintaining complete vaginal health.

Deemark Ever Virgin has been formulated under the expert guidance of gynecologist and it is a microbiological. Dermatological and clinically tested Formula.

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  Deemark Ever Virgin is a unique gel that helps in tightening and revitalizing the vagina that makes you feel fresh like a virgin.

  Deemark Ever Virgin helps in firming the vagina naturally and bringing it to its original shape.

  Deemark Ever Virgin helps in restoring vaginal elasticity after pregnancy and delivery.

  Deemark Ever Virgin Improves vaginal lubrication and reduces vaginal dryness.

  Deemark Ever Virgin promotes cell regeneration of the vaginal sphincter, increases sensitivity and moisturizes the vagina to enhance sexual pressure.

Direction of use:
The Box Contains 50gm Deemark Ever Virgin gel and two gloves.

Wash Your Vagina and the hands with medical soap or liquid medical soap using clean water.

Wear the glove in one hand.

Take a small amount of ever virgin gel (recommended 3-4 gm.) on the finger with glove on Apply Deemark Ever Virgin gel with fingertips into the vagina in all direction.

Apply the gel twice daily

    Majuphal {Quercus Infectoria}   10gm
    Phitkari {Alum}   4gm
    Lodhra {Symplocos Racemosus}   2gm
    Dahi Phool {Woodfordia Floribunda}   2gm
    Kamar Kas {Salvia Plebeian}   2gm
    Gel Base {water & expedients}   100gm
Caution :
For External use only

For healthy females only

Keep out from reach of children

Store in a cool and dry place

Keep away from direct sunlight