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Deemark Leg Massager

MRP Price : Rs. 22,999/-
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  Model name:   Deemark Leg Massager
  Model number   CLR0019
  Net weight   16kg
  Grossweight   18.5 kg
  Rated power   35w
Deemark Leg Massager is the next generation of robotic massage technology, which massages calves, feet and the sole of feet simultaneously. Developed in cooperation with the medical community, this technology delivers a complete new level of massage functionality, emulating the techniques used by the massage therapist and chiropractors.

Deemark Leg Massager
provides a remarkable life like massage that feels like strong hands kneading along the length of calves. For the soles and ankle you feel as if an experienced thumb gives you a firm massage.

You can enjoy a refreshing and relaxing foot massage almost anytime or anywhere!
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Unique features of Deemark Leg Massager

The Deemark Leg Massager stands for its unique feature of providing three various massages from one expert hand which massages feet, ankles and calves simultaneously to make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Deemark Leg Massager is ideal for people who want to get their tired legs relaxed and the muscles to be stimulated in order to improve blood circulations. It can also help legs make toned and thinner effortlessly by just using it as oppose to daily jogging or walking exercises.

Four pairs of flexible kneading discs in the Deemark Leg Massager gives you a great reflexology effects by the massaging feet, ankles and calves.

Flexible kneading discs create a professional massage technique, which stimulates blood circulation, thereby preparing and warming the muscles.

Strong kneading action penetrates deeply into the muscles of feet, ankles and calves, which relieves tension and reduces stress. A vibration footplate effectively massages the soles and muscles of feet, which relieves sore and tired feet.

Pressure nodes located under your feet stimulate the reflex points on the soles of feet, which helps muscles recover from tension and fatigue more quickly while inducing a reduction in the build-up of lactic acid.

The synergetic combination of kneading and vibration action gives you the most relaxing and revitalizing massage experience, which results in a beneficial reflexology and beautifying effect.

A pair of fabric cover is detachable and washable to maintain good hygiene.

The design of the Deemark Leg Massager is based on the most common shape of human legs and feet to meet most sizes.

What can Deemark Leg Massager do for you?

  Fatigue Alleviation, stress release : Deemark Leg Massager rapidly alleviates on the aches and pains from the work exhaustion, relieves the entire day's stress.

  Effective body sculpting and leg trimming : Deemark Leg Massager effectively and rapidly helps you to tone your leg muscles and helps in healing the pain in varicose vein, which results a pair of beautiful slim legs that draws admiration.

  Metabolism generation and energy recharge : Deemark Leg Massager can generate blood circulations from the sole throughout your entire leg and enhances the overall vitality.

  The kneading and vibrating actions go deep into the different layers of muscles of your feet, ankles, and calves, leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed.

  Kneading and vibration massage targets the vital reflex points on the feet and the soles, achieving positive reflexology effects.

  Stimulates blood circulation, preparing your muscles for workout.

  Relieves tension and reduces stress.

  Relieves sore and tired feet effectively.