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  • Deemark Ever Slim Capsule
    Deemark Ever Slim Capsule
    Deemark Ever Slim Capsule

Deemark Ever Slim Capsule

MRP Price : Rs. 999/- (1 Month)
Rs. 2000/- (2 Month)
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You can Lose your Extra Fat with Regular use of EVER SLIM CAPSULES.

With regular use of EVER slimming Capsules,it reduces your extra fat,makes you fit & healthy.EVER slimming Capsules increases your stamina,energy and helps you to get rid of digestive problems.

Note: - EVER slimming Capsules can be used By male/female/Children.

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Aroosa, Bahera, Nishodh, Chitrak, Rasanjan,south, mirch, peepal, Vaividang, Nagarmoth, Harar, Awla, Kutki, Daruhaldi, Jeera, nageshar, loath, Guggul (Pure), Lemon. Ext.
Direction of use:
Take One Ever slimming capsule in Morning and evening on an empty stomach with lukewarm water.

  Eat More Green Vegetables and try to avoid junk food.
  Workout Daily To Get Better and immediate results.
  Avoid spicy & oily foods.
  Avoid smoking, drinking, pan -masala ,Gutka,tambaku, any alcohol.
  Eat Fresh Green Vegetables Everyday.
  Do Light Workouts / Exercise Daily.
  If possible practice yoga daily.


Half Course (1mth) Full Course (2mths)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Buy 2 Get 2 Free
Each Box 30 capsules+30 Free=60..1month each Box 30 capsules 60+60=120..2month
Price: - Rs. 999/- Price: - Rs.2000/-
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