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  • Massage Chair Burz
    Massage Chair Burz
    Massage Chair Burz

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Massage Chair Burz

MRP Price : Rs. 1,52,500/-

Massage Chair Burz true full body massage chair with back, leg and foot massage plus all the extras. If it doesn't say it's Sterling it isn't. The C-burz is an interactive health massage chair which expertly massages every muscle and pressure point to promote health and complete relaxation. The burz Shiatsu massage chair succeeds in the challenge to simulate human touch massage.

Burz is a combination of elegant design and sophisticated engineering with the world's most advanced massage technology to provide all the therapeutic benefits of a full body massage.

It adjusts the natural contour of the spine and moves at various speeds emulating the firm hands of a skilled masseuse.
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 Automatically detect the shoulder position and micro adjustment functions to massage the exact parts that need to be massaged, as to
    gain an ideal massage effect.

 Automatically restoring functions of the mechanism.

  Remote control with liquid crystal blue screen display brings you a clear and vivid image.