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  • Massage Chair Alphanta
    Massage Chair Alphanta
    Massage Chair Alphanta

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Massage Chair Alphanta

MRP Price : Rs. 2,44,999/-
Technical Specifications:
  Model name : Alphanta
  Model number : CCL0225
  Rated voltage a.c. : a.c.110V~240V
  Rated frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
  Rated power : 200W
  Reclining angle : 170 degree
  Weight : 110/125KGS
  Size : 1250900840
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Massage Chair Aphanta is a stylish addition to either your home or office. It provides you with a deep and invigorating massage to soothe your sore and tired muscles and restore your body's natural vitality.

Alphanta is the first of its kind to provide massage and download any music from the computer; the intensity for the massage changes with the change in the rhythm of the music. Alphanta is the perfect bridge between state of the art technology and the ancient healing art of massage.

It is a key ingredient for a balanced life and is conveniently designed for use at home and office. It emulates the same techniques used by the massage and chiropractic professionals for back and spinal care. Superior technology combined with a wide variety of massage modes and sleek design means that Alphanta will be a permanent fixture in your home for years.
A kneading massage forces out the tension from the muscles resulting in extremely relaxed muscles. By applying pressure and rubbing in the same direction as blood flows to the heart, circulation is enhanced while your ligaments and tendons are stretched helping to keep them flexible
A knocking massage uses a tapping method to reduce stiffness and muscles fatigue. This massage technique also stimulates and soothes the nervous system which helps to reduce physical and emotional stress.
This soothing massage gently rolls up and down your entire back. Vibration- Buttocks and feet vibration massage functions with two intensity vibration massage revitalizes tired muscles and promotes blood circulation.
This massage technique gives you a slow pressing up and down your back along your spine. The acupressure massage provides a sensation of fingers pressing firmly along your spine to relieve pressure from your compressed cervical disks and gently stretching your back muscles.

This tapping massage of Alphanta gives you a rapid tapping on your back muscles. The Tapping massage provides a sensation of hands rapidly tapping which gives you a revitalized and invigorated feeling.

Kneading & tapping
This massage technique provides a gentle squeeze that holds and releases your tight muscles. The kneading and tapping is also known as Shiatsu massage. The Shiatsu massage provides a sensation that includes squeezing and tapping to relieve your stiff neck, shoulders and back muscles.