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  • Deemark Compact Foot Massager

Deemark Compact Foot Massager

MRP Price : Rs. 10000/-
Online Discount : 50%
Deemark Price : Rs. 4999/-
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Deemark Compact Foot Massager

Description :

1) High Grade Multi functional Massager.

2) Suitable for Home & Office use.

3) Acts on foot to reduce fatigue.

4) Three Programs-- a) Auto, b) Individual Program, c) Manual

5) Power chord length : Approx. 40 Inch.
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Feature Description
1) Foot massage is based on
a) Traditional Medicine,
b) The Meridian Science,
c) Magnetic science as well as the Health Act acout the pace of reflex zones, integrating modern electronic technology and medical research achievement.

2) Three Programs : Automatic, Individual program, Manual.

1) Targeting all age groups & both genders -
Especially effective for housewives, working individuals with heavy fieldwork and elderly.

2) Kneading Massage to ease muscle ache.

3) Suitable for Home & Office use.

4) Acts on foot to reduce fatigue.

5) Every massage time is automatically set to about 15 minutes. Re-use, please re-set according to the model key massager to repeat a cycle of 15 minute massage.

Instructions to Use and Precautions :
1) The total time of massage should not exceed 30 minutes.
2) Outer cover is cleanable with wet cloth.
3) Black cloth where Feet are placed is detachable and can be cleaned using water.

Functions :
Kneading (Pressing against your feet) + Foot Roller + Heat.
Effectively presses foot and ankle muscles.
Increases blood circulation and releases stress.
With Kneading Pads for a close massage experience.
Warranty : 6 Months